Plant retrofits according your requirements

Tank construction

Individually manufactured tanks

Tanks according to your requirements

We manufacture tanks made of plastic and stainless steel according to your requirements. The range of services extends from production according to your individual specifications to full service which includes on-site recording, technical design, construction, production and assembly or we manufacture according to your requirements.

Behälterfertigung aus Kunststoff

Folgende Ausführungen sind möglich

The following versions are possible

General remarks:

  • Tank standing flat on the floor or with a substructure
  • Open or closed container
  • Insulation
  • Execution according to DVS
  • Material
  • Surface coating

Rectangular tank:

  • Reinforcement (without, belt horizontal, U vertical)
  • Open or closed tank
  • Bottom (flat, sloping, funnel bottom)


Round container:

  • Execution from welded panels
  • Bottom (flat, sloping, funnel bottom, dished bottom)


  • Stub
  • Agitator flanges
  • Manholes
  • Sump
  • Overflow boxes
  • Inliner
  • Etc.

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