Plant highlight for aviation technology

About a year ago, DECKER was presented with a tricky task: the construction of a new type of coating system for the aviation industry. Of course, DECKER was happy to take on the challenge - and with flying colors, because the system was recently successfully finalized.
This is the first project of its kind in Europe and the second worldwide. For reasons of competition, the customer may not be named and the system technology may only be roughly described.
But this much can be revealed: Extensive automated process control in the baths as well as chemical processing and high circulation rates guarantee the consistent quality of the products. Because, especially in aviation, the underlying requirements are very high - no wonder when you consider that these are high-security parts. At the same time, an optimally coordinated supply and exhaust air system in the production hall ensures a clean atmosphere. The integrated heat recovery saves energy and therefore costs. Overall, the system is on two levels and is divided into three self-sufficient systems: A manual system for stripping all parts, another manual system for coating small parts and an automatic machine for coating large parts.
The schedule of the project with a total duration of only 10 months was more than sporty. A great achievement by the whole DECKER team!