Individual drum production

Electroplating drums and units from DECKER are as individual as the requirements of our customers

The materials PE 100 to 1000, PP, VA, and much more are made from 5-corner, 6-corner, 7-corner and round drums with different perforations in stiffened, plugged, welded or combined designs. The sizes of the drums are optimally adapted to the systems - you benefit from more internal volume with the same external diameter, an optimized flow of the goods through rotation and a capacity up to 3 times higher than with fan drums.

The rapid exchange of fluids in the drums leads to less use of chemicals in a wide variety of galvanic processes, i.e. the intended, reduced carryover reduces water consumption enormously. Furthermore, DECKER drums score with multiple contacts for excellent power transmission and with seamless inner surfaces that prevent parts from getting stuck and thus preventing parts from jamming.

More information about electroplating drums you can find here.