Celebrating and playing sports for a good cause


DECKER Anlagenbau in Berching celebrated its annual staff party on 4 May, 2012. The highlight of the party was a soccer match between the administrative and production employees. The meeting on the pitch not only enhanced the working atmosphere but was also for a good cause. For each goal, DECKER donated 50 Euro to the association “Bolivienhilfe” (“help for Bolivia”) which helps sick children in South America.

The staff party took place on the sports field at Pollanten. The family of managing director Robert Fuchs has lived in this village for generations. However, DECKER didn’t forget the poor and sick people of the world. Taking responsibility for society is a tradition in the 120 year old company.
“In many countries, the people and especially the children aren’t as well off as we are here in Bavaria”, said managing director Kay Rehberg. “We know this and therefore we would like to make a contribution.” DECKER shared its economic success with the poor and sick children in Bolivia and rounded up the winnings of the soccer match to 1000 Euro.

The donation will be given to the association “Bolivienhilfe“ in Berching, which supports different charitable projects in South America. DECKER wants to help children with heart disease in this way. The “Fundación Cardioinfantil” in La Paz allows families with low income to obtain medical treatment for their children. “Most people in Bolivia cannot afford the costs of cardiac ultrasound testing which costs approximately 30 Euro. Not to mention the costs of 3000 to 5000 Euro for heart surgery”, said Hans Dintenfelder. He is the chairman of “Bolivienhilfe Berching e.V.” and gratefully received the donation in the name of the whole association.